Performance Test Reporting step provides an overall test result, test analysis, and recommendations to the development team from the application’s performance perspective.

Sometimes, technical teams may underestimate the value of reporting, mostly because they are busy, and writing a good report sometimes just takes more time than expected.


Performance Test Report makes performance testing visible and helps to find bottlenecks and make the GO / NO-GO decision for the whole application or a specific business flow.

There are many ongoing forum discussions about what the ideal load testing report needs to contain. While there may not be much agreement over…

As Loadium, we have gathered the load testing best practices for you under this article. Black Friday is considered to be the busiest shopping day of the year and each year, online retail sales reach significant increase. But It is always like a nightmare for retailers and makes them fret about reaching expected revenue.

Next Black Friday is one year from now, and this is the perfect time to analyze what happened, learn from mistakes and make your website ready for the peak season crowds.


Load testing is a kind of non-functional software testing that measures response times, throughput rates…

The early product-building approach has certainly changed over the last few years and customers are much more harder to please than they used to be! Customers don’t just want their needs to be met, they also want to be delighted, they want to love your product and talk about it.

DON’T FORGET, being Viable is not enough anymore. Your product needs to be Lovable and needs to give people a story that they can tell. So you need to think about creating a minimum lovable product (MLP).

So what will we do as Product Managers? I will tell it step…

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